Plastic bottles are packed in different areas with different cost requirements

- May 11, 2018-

Plastic packing is very much involved in the field, from chemicals to cosmetics, from medicine to food, each industry has its own characteristics, so there are many differences to the requirement of plastic packaging, today we talk about differences lies in the different areas of the plastic bottles cost, how to adjust the strategy and control the cost and plastic manufacturer.

First of all, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and cosmetics plastic bottles are the areas with higher profits. In particular, cosmetic plastic bottle packaging, cosmetics manufacturers pay more attention to the appearance of the product, the control of cost will not be very strict. Therefore, the production of this kind of high - profit plastic bottles, more is needed to ensure the beauty of the product, the design of personalized. It should not be too much to compress the cost, so that the market can win the competition. Secondly, some plastic bottles of chemical products will be very strict in cost. For example, glass plastic bottles, distilled water plastic bottles, cost control is very low. Because the price of glass water and distilled water is very low, the price of the package must be pressed to a very low part. Look at the bottle of mineral water bottle, because the usage is big, the manufacturer is very high to the cost of individual plastic bottle. For those who are engaged in the production of these plastic bottles, it is necessary to reduce the production cost and reduce the production cost to become the first standard, otherwise it will be difficult to win the market.