The development trend of green packaging materials for plastic bottles

- May 11, 2018-

As people environmental protection consciousness, high water consumption plastic production factory production of plastic bottles, resist the voice of bottled water in the near future, especially the European and American countries that calls for higher, to a certain extent can reduce plastic consumption market, instead of other packaging materials, such as some experts advocate using water glass bottle to packing. Plastic bottles in the past a period of time the transaction data and plastic bottles after the market operation are summarized and the future of plastic market prospects is optimistic, but many of China's current development of small and medium-sized plastic bottle manufacturer faces many challenges. The green packaging materials of plastic bottles advocate the use of less raw materials, and it is better to use the same materials and the materials that can be separated and co-exist, and use materials with simple structure and easy recycling. At the same time, we should minimize the amount of waste produced, so as to show the development trend of packaging thin film. The key to the development of plastic stable technology is the preparation and application of new antioxidant, uv stabilizer and free radical scavenger. Daily chemical filling plastic containers, food tray or turnover box, etc., can use plastic stabilization technology, manufacturing high quality plastic products, in order to improve the value of its reuse or recycle.