The human comfort of plastic bottle is the trend of future development

- May 11, 2018-

In plastic bottle packaging, the use of humanity, convenience is a very important indicator. But, we are careful observation on the domestic market of plastic packaging, now put plastic material, plastic bottles well-presented and in the more important degree, about the plastic bottle is convenient to use and easy to use be retreated to the second position. However, we must realize that the appearance of the plastic material is the first impression to the person, it can bring consumers visual impact on sales for the first time, however, use convenient and comfortable humanized is continuing to consumer experience, it is able to retain customers, bring back to products.

Let's take a look at Coca-Cola bottles, plastic bottles the classic S curve, the Coca-Cola company hundreds of years insisted on using this kind of appearance, the main consideration is the bottle shape is feeling very good and humanized design is in place. We take a look at the farmer mountain spring, a new mineral water bottles, it consider the men and women the size of the palm, a bottle shape design to one side is larger, smaller, not only increased the aesthetic feeling, more important is to make the male and female consumers are very comfortable to use. In the years of market experience, these large enterprises have begun to prefer the convenience of plastic bottles in the selection of plastic bottles.