All Kinds Of Plastic Bottle Packing Should Be Developed

- May 11, 2018-

Now, PET plastic bottles hold the absolute share of the plastic bottle packaging market, and PET plastic bottles have many advantages and we have analyzed them many times. However, today we want to talk about is material other than PET plastic bottle packaging packaging, they are ignored by the market, but through the analysis, we find that these material plastic bottles have their irreplaceability.

Among them, PE plastic bottle has always had better market application, from milk bottle to shampoo, body wash plastic bottle. Compared with PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles have lower costs and are more suitable for many needs with low packaging costs. At the same time, PE plastic bottles are not transparent, which is very important for some products, and the light will have an impact on these products. PVC plastic bottles, which can't be used in the packaging of products such as food, but are very popular in the field of chemical packaging. We said to PS acrylic plastic bottles, it is widely used in cosmetics and other packaging, cosmetics packaging for cosmetic requirements is extremely high, acrylic plastic bottle appearance resembling a glass bottle, welcome by the market.

Our market value PET plastic bottle, should give attention to other types of plastic bottle packaging. Now other types of plastic bottle packaging is a key problem when recycling is very unsatisfactory, which needs to be improved from the material itself to achieve the improvement of the recovery of the plastic bottles.