Plastic Bottles Are Widely Used In The Daily Chemical Industry

- May 11, 2018-

After China's entry into WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy of international competition. The problems of brand development, brand education and brand innovation are also increasingly valued by domestic enterprises. Chinese enterprises are constantly exploring and developing in innovation. With the improvement of people consumption level and consumption ability enhancement, cosmetics, washing supplies production and sales got unprecedented development, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, the merchants in order to promote the sale of their products, a place in the fierce market competition, but also have struggled to fluctuation full time is in the cosmetics, washing supplies packaging, it needs high quality packaging materials in order to enhance their social status. This has promoted the rapid development of packaging industry. Along with the development of the packaging materials and packaging technology, plastic bottles are widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, washing supplies, such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, such as low price, rich source of plastic materials and molding good performance, the bottle can be made into all kinds of structure and shape, and can do all kinds of decoration and horizontal design, better packaging sales function into full play. As a result, modern cosmetics and cleaning products are packaged in a variety of forms, various types and beautiful costumes. In recent years, due to the plastic bottles in the design, decoration, material selection, forming technology and rapid improvement in technology, make its application in cosmetics, washing supplies packaging more and more widely, more and more prominent role in the packaging material and status.

Plastic bottles are widely used in the daily chemical industry.

1. Pay attention to packaging marketing design and improve product competitiveness.

The psychology of shopping is different for consumers because of their age, gender, occupation, culture and economic level. Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be determined according to product positioning and consumer group differences. One is a series of packaging, detergents in particular shampoo, often by the variety of different functions of the series products, its pattern is completely consistent, only with different color labeling different functions. For example, the soft "first black hair" bottle body black, the image of a dark shiny hair? The crow "moisten dandruff" is emerald green, give a person with fresh visual effect. 2 it is combined with, namely the related USES products focused on sales at the same time, in a big bag or foam bath dew and shampoo to wash your hands and cleanser a transparent small handbags, sell a little cheaper than single product. To set up the simulated shelf, to examine the beauty of packaging design is a common treasure of procter & gamble company, and it is well worth the reference of domestic enterprises.

2. The variety of plastic bottle specifications to meet different consumption levels.

As competition in the cosmetics market intensifies, manufacturers are increasingly investing in cosmetic packaging. For low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet the different needs, the size of the container can be diversified to facilitate consumers' choice. Jays are packaged in small containers for high-end products to meet the needs of low-income people. In contrast, the amount of shampoo and shower gel is high, and 500 to 750ml of household clothing is common.

3. The diversity of plastic materials to meet different product packaging needs.

Ordinary cosmetics and detergent packaging containers, most of which are based on HDPE. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials used in plastic bottles are increasingly enriched.

Due to the transparent container can let consumers clearly see the contents, so the consumer demand for transparent container is more and more widely, and could satisfy the requirement of the CPP is transparent PP material, PP transparent bottles of development is a hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. Compared with other transparent plastic resin, CPP is a new product with superior quality and competitive advantage. High transparent polypropylene container, with good transparency and gloss, good appreciation, very popular. For example, the icaru's herbal series USES this kind of container, which can be seen through the transparent bottle wall and the hair lotion, and can be seen on the back wall.

Transparent PET plastic bottles have also become the packaging containers that are now being used by Japanese cosmetics manufacturers. Some enterprises and brands such as naisi, blue moon, kaimi and qu subjects are the first to use the packaging container of PET materials, such as shower gel, skin care products and washing products. The PET bottle has the following characteristics: 1. It has a wide range of contents. It is used to produce high strength and transparent plastic bottles produced by the extrusion blow molding process. The commonly used range can range from a few tens of ml to 2 liter bottles. 2. Good flexibility, impact resistance and dimensional stability, stable chemical performance and good resistance to gas; The 3PET bottle feels soft.

4. The application of mold labeling technology improves the grade of cosmetics and detergent packaging.

Mould labeling technology abroad applications has been quite a time, and its mould label production and mould labeling machine production and application of already very mature, tags in the mold is a kind of is different from the traditional tag packaging new packaging label packing form mainly have heat shrinkable label, the non-drying label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging? Snow, his appearance brought a very significant revolution to label packaging. Compared with the traditional label packaging form, a mould stick mark, 1, anti-counterfeit effect, 2, increase product class, the label color is more bright-coloured, feel is smooth, 3, simplify the production process, greatly improving the production efficiency, 4 strong practicability, mould labeling products, low loss, won't become warped and damaged, and has the waterproof, prevent oil, acid and alkali resistant, rubbing brush, throw, labels and products can recycle at the same time, simplify the regeneration process, both the environmental protection. At present, there are more and more domestic cosmetics, washing supplies manufacturers choose mould labeling bottles to packing their products, such as wuhan, jewels, guangzhou blue moon sibao company is the first to use a mould stick mark cosmetic enterprise, one of the sibao company all use mould labeling plastic containers. The application of in-mold labeling technology in cosmetics, washing products, daily chemical industry and other industries will become more and more widely and more and more consumers will pay more attention to it.

5. Some cosmetics are packaged in the form of spray packaging to make it easier for consumers to use.

The packaging of cosmetics is attaching more and more importance to the structure design and accessory design of the container, so that consumers can be easily grasped and easily used in various environments. For example, hair use the cosmetics such as mousse, perfume, often use the form of spray packaging, for convenient quantitative use.

6. Development and application of green packaging materials.

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the introduction of national environmental protection policies, the production of green plastic containers with degradation function will become a development trend. Through research, the biodegradation technology and combined extrusion blow molding technology, developed a biodegradable plastic containers, the product technical performance indicators in line with the requirements of plastic container products, highlights the common function of plastic containers that are not biodegradable, accord with national industrial policy development of green environmental protection packing materials. The product is used in the market and is well reflected. Currently, it is being used in the packaging bottles of cosmetics, washing products and other products.

7. Nano-material modified plastic container.

In the production of plastic containers of raw materials, adding a certain proportion of nanometer materials, can improve plastic containers of the physical and chemical properties, especially the barrier property, resistance to chemical erosion and anti-ultraviolet performance have a larger increase, the toughness of the container also strengthened, at the same time, can reduce the cost of a certain product is very competitive.

At present, the products are widely used in washing and packing containers.

8. Develop antibacterial plastic bottles for packaging.

The use cycle of products such as cosmetics and washing products is generally longer. In the process of repeated use, the surface of the container often produces bacteria and affects the health of the users. The purpose of developing antibacterial plastic bottles is to inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of the container. Through research, we will be in inorganic antibacterial agent evenly dispersed metal bottle blowing raw materials, the improved blow molding process, producing antibacterial plastic containers, antimicrobial time long, good antibacterial effect and the antibacterial spectrum of sexual characteristics. The product has been tested, the antibacterial rate is over 99%, the product is very popular in the market, and can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, washing products and medicines.